Supporting a small, local organic farm is important for our food supply chain. Knowing your farmer and where your food comes is knowledge that is becoming more widespread. If you are looking for a farm to support this coming year, consider our weekly CSA program. We offer a fast paced 20 week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from June-October thru a sustainable bin exchange method with delivery or farm-pick up options. We highly encourage farm pick-up and offer a reduced share price since you're doing the driving!


Not sure what to do with your weekly veggies or dislike something? We have these options available to you: Seasonal Recipe Sheet/Substitutions


Deliveries made by 5pm.


Pricing (Before Tax)


  • Farm Pick-Up: $25/week
  • Drop Site Delivery: $30/week


Thank you returning members! We appreciate you so much that our farm annually offers 10-20% off share prices - your support for our small organic farm means the world to us.

Full CSA (20 weeks)

  • On your CSA delivery or farm pick-up day, please leave out or drop off your crate and any reusable items (pint cups/mason jars etc.) at your designated pick-up site.